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Being pregnant and getting massage treatments with Laura & Elsie

Being pregnant and getting a massage treatment should go without saying. At the Coach House we have registered massage therapists that have Pregnancy as one of their specialties. 

Meet Laura and Elsie. These two ladies are moms and can identify with the aches and pains that women experience through the exciting yet nerve wracking ride of pregnancy. 

Many women may be unsure about getting treatments, but it is a safe form of therapy which will help you and your baby. Certain conditions may need to be modified, such as high blood pressure, but as long as your medical practitioner - family doctor, OB-GYN, and midwife allow it, then go ahead and book yourself some massage appointments. 

Laura's Story:

I have been interested In pregnancy massage since I graduated college in 2009. Unfortunately during my first pregnancy, in 2006/2007, massage therapy was not yet a part of my life. I thought you needed to be injured or in chronic pain to get a massage, boy was I mistaken! I learned that not only does massage therapy treat a number of symptoms and conditions, it’s a huge piece in preventative healthcare! I remember thinking “if I knew then what I know now… I would’ve been way less uncomfortable during my first pregnancy!” Thankfully, many years later, I had another chance and this time I made certain massage therapy was a regular scheduled event throughout those 9 months!

    I think it is incredible how the woman’s body knows exactly what to do, from day 1 to the long awaited end. But with those changes, the body needs some TLC. Not just to relieve the aches and pains from carrying around a human, but also for the relaxation. A new baby is a life changer and there’s lots of adjusting before baby even arrives. I was out of the baby game for many years before welcoming my youngest onto the scene and I had a whole slew of emotions! That massage therapy session with an RMT who could read my body and let me relax was truly a blessing.

    Each trimester brings on its own unique set of symptoms and challenges (and blessings… the first kick is unforgettable!) As RMT’s we are trained to accommodate with positioning and pillowing so you can have treatment at any point throughout your pregnancy. I prefer using the pregnancy body cushions so you can lay face down for as far along as you like (there aren’t too many opportunities for this position anywhere else once your bump pops!)

    I have heard on occasion some clients are nervous or hesitant to receive massage therapy during pregnancy, but as long as you are healthy, with no high risk issues and are cleared from your doctor or midwife, you should seek treatment and I’m happy to help!

Elsie’s Story:

I have two kids. My daughter was born in May of 2012 and my son was just born last September of 2017. My pregnancies were both similar in the fact that I had all day sickness, where even drinking water made me sick – the second one was way worse and seemed like it started sooner and lasted longer. I experienced the same aches and pains as the baby grew, but the second one just happened sooner and once again over all just felt way more tense and sore (Is it a boy thing? More active, bigger, plus he was 10 days late...or am I just getting older haha)
With all this happening, trying to work and running around a then 5 year old, massage definitely saved me! Massage helped with all the muscle tension I was feeling EVERYWHERE - at one point my hair was even hurting!  That one hour of getting treated was much needed.  It was a short but great time for me to just relax and enjoy this experience. 
As a practitioner I started treating pregnancy pretty much right after I graduated school. I loved seeing these ladies coming in and telling me they were expecting. At that point I always knew I wanted kids but just wasn't ready at the time. So for me treating these ladies was a learning experience. I loved hearing their stories about their adventure to MOM-HOOD. Once I entered this journey I knew exactly what these ladies were talking about. It's amazing how your body knows what to do and how it does this. After having my dau
A massage could have really helped at this point! (Labour pains)
ghter,  I knew I wanted to expand my practice to include a specialty in pre/post natal massage. I always treated pregnancy patients here and there, but it wasn't until 2016 that I really dove into it and got my certification in Perinatal Massage therapy. 
Massage is a great form of treatment for all stages of pregnancy. Especially when you have started labour! Once the baby is born, I recommend moms to continue getting treated. I know it will seem like there's no time, but self care is important to help you feel better. Babies are always welcomed at the clinic!  Plus babies can get treated as well and I love babies!!

If you have any further questions about massage therapy for pregnancy please feel free to contact:  
 Laura Robinson, RMT

Laura works Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at The Coach House. BOOK NOW 

Elsie Kelly

Elsie works Monday and Tuesday evenings at The Coach House. BOOK NOW

Additional information about how the Coach House team can help with your pregnancy needs, visit our past Pregnancy Blog

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