Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Facial Massage

A new addition to The Coach House’s treatment list is Facial Massage. This treatment uses facial cups, small silicone cups, and Gua Sha tools. I have found the combination of cups and gua sha to be very calming and relaxing. You will also feel and see how beneficial this treatment is at moving lymphatic, releasing tension and improving the skins overall appearance.  

What do these tools do?

The facial cups are smaller than the cups you may have already experienced but the principle is the same. The cups create a pocked of suction to increase blood circulation and release restrictions in the soft tissue. This can help with decreasing muscle tension, in areas such as the jaw, forehead, temples, and neck. Cups also can help promote cell repair and aid in cell regeneration.

Gua Sha has recently gained popularity as a therapeutic body care technique from Traditional Chinese Medicine. The usages range from using the tool for decreasing fascial restrictions, helping release trigger points and it’s used in facials because of its rejuvenating effects. This tool goes well with cupping as it promotes blood flow to the area and helps release facial restrictions.

During Gua Sha treatment you may notice some red marks appearing. These ‘Sha’ marks are one of the goals of treatment. This healthy response shows that the area is becoming unblocked and allowing for a fresh flow of lymph and blood. The increase in circulation will help reduce puffiness, under the eyes, and promote relaxation. The treatment will also ease muscle and stress tension in areas that are showing symptoms of tightness and pain. So you will feel a pressure released from your face and that you can move more freely. 

What does the treatment entail?

The treatment is approximately thirty minutes in length and begins with a warm towel to help relax the muscles then facial cupping along the top of the shoulder, neck and face. This is to start by releasing deeper fascial restrictions in the face. After cupping, we use the Gua Sha tool with Rosehip oil. 

Both of the facial massage tools require an oil as lubricate in order to allow them to slide along the face. We have spoken with local skin expert Jessica, owner of Cocoon Apothecary, for an oil that can be used which will prevent clogging the pores (like coconut oil does). She suggested apricot oil and Rosehip oil. Apricot oil is used during the cupping portion of the treatment. We then apply a small amount of ‘Rosehip Oil’ from Cocoon Apothecary for the Gua Sha portion of the treatment.

Rosehip Oil is a pure, cold-pressed oil from rose seeds that is high in beta-carotene and lycopene, antioxidants that help to prevent and reverse sun damage.  It also contains a unique vitamin A acid that helps maintain firmness and rejuvenates skin. High levels of essential fatty acids alpha-linolenic and linolenic soothe and calm redness and irritation while softening and moisturizing. This rejuvenating oil can be applied as a night serum or daily moisturizer” – Jessica from Cocoon Apothecary

We carry so much tension from stress that this treatment will leave your facial muscles feeling at ease. 

Visit our online booking and try our new Facial Massage as a stand-alone 30 minute treatment or added to your 60 min, 75 min or 90 min massage. Our facial massage is done by a registered massage therapist and therefore can be claimed under your massage benefit package. So go ahead and experience a deeper relaxation today! 


30 min Facial Massage only - $75.00
60 min Massage with Facial Massage - $130.00
75 min Massage with Facial Massage - $160.00
90 min Massage with Facial Massage - $175.00

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