Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Finding The Balance

Last Wellness Wednesday, we sat down with Sheena Bounsanga a local mindfulness expert who not only offers one on one visits but recently launched an online program that can be accessed from anywhere! With a background in Early Childhood Education, her focus tends to be on children, however, these simple techniques can benefit anyone- child to adult! Here is the recap and a bit more info from Sheena- and be sure to read all the way to the end!

Mindfulology with Sheena Bounsanga

Almost two weeks ago, I was featured on Wellness Wednesday with Dr. Jessica, and I had promised to do a blog post about all the amazingly wonderful things we spoke about, including links and videos.   And then life happened… doesn’t life always happen like that, busy, full, chaotic and wonderful, ah life! 

Oh it happens, even when you’re an expert in Mindfulness. ;)

So, here I am two weeks later, with a blog post! Yay me!

First of all, can we have a quick chat about how amazing The Coach House is?!  The atmosphere is calming and contagious, and the staff are wonderfully warm.  I’m a sucker for exposed brick, I could hangout in Dr.J’s room all day (with or without her).  I adore Uptown, and this is yet another amazing place to compliment the Uptown vibe.  Go check it out!

Okay, on to mindfulness.  Mindfulness is about being in the present moment without judgement.  So often we are caught up in thoughts of what ‘coulda’ and ‘shoulda’ happened, and that place is super overwhelming and not very relaxing.  Mindfulness snaps us back to the present moment with simple techniques like mindful breathing, and mindful listening.

Mindfulness benefits young and old alike, and can be very easy to implement.  As an Early Childhood Educator, I saw so many children with stress related ailments like headaches and stomach pains, and it was amazing to see the results that mindfulness provided these little ones.  The first technique I generally always teach to kids is Mindful Breathing.  It’s a great way to practice brining attention to our breath, by focusing on the inhale and exhale of the breath.  Here’s a video of J demonstrating the Mindful Breathing technique with the breathing ball.  Try to match your breath with the ball. 

J is the perfect example of why I created the Mindful Kids Online Program.  Between her and her brother, and her two working parents, they have hockey, baseball, dance, and horseback riding, and that doesn’t even include running club, and afterschool programs.  Full schedules can lead to stressed out families, but full schedules don’t really work for adding in weekly mindfulness classes at a studio!  That’s why I put my entire Mindful Kids Series 1 program online.  Easy access = easy on the schedule!
If you want to find out more about the Online Mindful Kids program, you can check out this video.

And finally, as a thank you I’m offering a HUGE discount on both the Mindful Kids Online program (reg. price $75, sale price $50), as well as the Mindfulness for Kids Training and Mentorship program (reg. price $750, sale price $597).  This sale will only be available until June 15th, so be sure not to miss out!  You can find out all the details on my website, www.SheenaBounsanga.com

Happy June Everyone!!

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